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Who doesn’t love a party? Many people think that planning one is half the fun, but unfortunately, not everybody feels that way. A lot of people find that when planning a celebration, their stress levels rise over not being able to gather all the odds and ends they need to make their event extra special. With Party Box, Kuwait’s very own party supply hub huddled in a busy side street within Shuwaikh Industrial, any anxiety you have will dramatically drop and your worries will wash away with their wide variety of party supplies and the extremely helpful staff’s willingness to cater to your every need, until you walk out with your “box” bag of goodies containing items that will make your ideal party come alive just the way you imagined it.

“Everyone has schedules and everyone is so busy with work, school, family and their everyday lives, but in between your everyday life, you have moments that call for celebration” says Deniz Çerinan AlGhawas, Party Box’s Brand Manager. And at Party Box, there is no moment too small or insignificant that can’t be turned into a grand affair! When you walk into the store, you’re greeted by the helpful staff who are ready to tackle all the details you’re looking for. Whether you’re just popping by for a small forgotten staple to put your event together, or you’re starting from scratch, they’re always ready to fill the missing pieces of your party puzzle.

What’s also great about Party Box is that the staff’s enthusiasm towards helping you build your party from the ground up. If you haven’t thought of a theme yet, they’ll walk you through the entire store, brainstorming with you till one is created and you have all your necessities gathered, as they believe that the theme is an essential element for any celebration – especially Deniz, who vehemently stands by this ethos: “whenever I go to a party, I always look for a theme – every party needs a theme! No matter how small it is, that’s what makes it unique!”

Their merchandise and accessories are vast, covering everything you could think of. From cutlery styled in every color of the rainbow, to print-designed napkins, to life-sized foil balloons of different characters, they have it all. They even have staples dedicated to classic themes such as bridal showers, baby showers, retirements and graduation parties.

For children’s parties, they offer party favors for kids, decals that you could easily stick on the walls of your venue for children to draw on, peel off and discard, hassle and mess-free. Party Box also has in stock their very own line of children’s entertainment dubbed Timo Toys—made from quality, pre-cut and pre-punched cardboard that are easily buildable and blank in color for your kids to explore their artistic potentials. Timo Toys also come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from masks, houses, tree houses, castles and even cars and war tanks to suit any party theme. Party Box is also the only store in Kuwait that stocks the Orchard brand of educational games for children. If you’re planning a kids’ event, you can feel comfortable knowing that Party Box has educational entertainment to accommodate the party.

Party Box also offers bespoke services, from wrapping paper to balloons, to signs, banners, stickers, cut-outs – anything you can think of! Just pop in with your designs and they’ll sketch out a plan and make your dreams come true.

Although they have only been open since October, their services operate smoothly. They also have big plans for the future, as they are currently working towards expansion in the GCC and with their services. They’re working on a web-store and party planning service that they are aiming to introduce within the year in order to accommodate those who don’t have the time to make in-person treks to Shuwaikh to create the celebration of their dreams. They also offer delivery services to make your life a lot easier. If you check out their Instagram and Facebook pages, you can pick and choose what you like and request to have it delivered right to your door! Specializing in party planning from A to Z, Party Box will without a doubt, make your dreams come true.

Planning a party? Head to Party Box in Al Tomoor Street, Shuwaikh Industrial, behind the London Center. Call them at 2492 0037/5177 5577 and follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @q8partybox. Photography by Muneera Alkhulaifi.

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