GRAND LIMO Sit Back And Enjoy Being Chauffeured In Style

There are two types of people in life. People who drive around for hours looking for a parking spot, get stuck in traffic and end up in fits of road rage. And then, there are smart people who arrive at their destination feeling relaxed and ready to conquer the world as the car door is open for them, because they ordered a Grand Limo.

Whether you have a business meeting in the heart of Kuwait City mid-week at 2 pm, are going out with friends for a night on the town or are traveling with your family and need an airport ride, Grand Limo can exponentially improve your experience. The trusted service has been driving people around Kuwait for a while and is constantly updating their service to ensure that every ride is perfect.

They recently introduced brand new GMC Yukons to the fleet. All you need is the app that is available for iOS and Android. The first time you use the app you will register using your mobile phone, no need to create and remember a complicated password. Once you are done, booking a car is seamless and intuitive using the app which is available for iOS and Android devices. If you happen to need any assistance, you can contact the 24-hour customer hotline directly by calling or using WhatsApp. 

There are four classes to choose from; Grand, Business, Family and Luxury. The Grand Class is perfect for anyone. You can either get a Chevrolet Impala, or a Honda Odyssey if your traveling party is larger. Grand Limo has a base fare, which covers the first 10 minutes for all the classes except the Luxury which is 30 minutes. After that, you will be charged only for the remaining minutes of your ride.

Their billing structure is transparent and easy to understand. Business riders will enjoy the Chrysler 300 and families will be happy to know that they can book a GMC Yukon. If you want to arrive in style, order a Luxury Class car. You deserve to be chauffeured around town in a Mercedes Benz S400 or a Cadillac Escalade. Regardless of your choice, all of the cars in the fleet are classy black and have tinted windows for privacy and comfort, making it so easy to enjoy the ride while ignoring the world.  

The app has numerous functions that streamline your experience including favorite locations, trip notes, driver live GPS tracking and an electronic wallet to name a few. The highly trained customer service team will take the time to explain how to use any of the features on the app, the booking process and even set up daily routes with specific note requests. Grand Limo understands that different customers have different requirements and work to accommodate individual needs.

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There are different booking types too. Normally most of us will need the “As Soon as Possible”, unless you are a planner and know that you will need a “Pickup Later”, which might actually land you an upgrade to a higher class if a vehicle is unavailable. For the glamorous jet setters, the “Airport Pickup/Dropoff” is a lifesaver. Not only do they monitor flights for early and delayed arrivals, the driver waits for you inside the airport to assist you with your luggage. On days when you might have multiple errands, the “Hourly” booking allows you to select the number of hours you need the vehicle for. Grand Limo offers many automatic discounts when you book so check the app to find out for yourself how much it will cost you.

For people with regular routes and times, it might even be better if you contact Grand Limo for a monthly package. They have many regular customers that use their service every day to get to and from work and their customer care representatives can better direct you how to arrange something like that.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance for the company, so eating and smoking are not allowed in any of the cars. This means that you will enjoy a clean, polished ride, every time. The drivers are also trained to be courteous and polite and will not engage in idle chit chat or conversation, so you can use the time of the ride to catch up on work or binge on Netflix.

Image courtesy of Grand Limo

Paying is a breeze too. When you arrive to your destination, your driver can accept cash, K-Net, Credit Card or the money preloaded into your virtual wallet as payment. This latter is hassle-free and quick. Instead of fumbling with cards as you try to disembark from your ride, you can do it in a single screen tap.

Time and energy are finite resources and we appreciate services like Grand Limo that help us save both of them, so we can spend them pursuing the things that bring us joy.

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